Welcome to the American Chemical Web Page

Established in 1991 in Charlotte NC, we excel in janitorial, cleaning, safety, foodservice, paper and maintenance supplies. We offer over 85,000 branded products including office and furniture supplies to keep your workplace efficient and productive. Our product list includes but is not limited to:

- Paper towel, tissue & dispensing systems
- Skin care products & dispensing systems
- Cleaning & floor care chemicals
- Chemical Proportioning Systems
- Mops, brooms, brushes, buckets & carts
- Commercial cleaning equipment
- Garbage bags and Can Liners
- Receptacles, recycling bins, storage containers & totes
- Gloves, First Aid and Safety Supplies
- Foodservice Disposables
- Entrance matting, anti fatigue and logo matting
- Shipping, Packaging and Warehouse Supplies
- Office products
- Furniture solutions for your business

We pride ourselves on service to our customers. To speak to a representative, call us at 704-373-0090 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET. Or you may contact us via email at contact@americanchemicalonline.com or by utilizing the "Contact Us" Link on the home page.

Our Corporate headquarters is located at 4601 Dwight Evans Rd., Charlotte, NC 28217.